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Using E-Mail Merge Codes

If you’ve been using GoldMine for any extended period of time, you are likely familiar with Filters, Groups, or SQL Queries in order to segment your data for marketing purposes.  (ie, all records whose Contact Type = Customer AND whose State = CA).  This allows you to market to your contacts at the “record” level. But how do you manage your list at the “e-mail address” level?  This is where the E-mail Merge Code comes in.


Note that you can string along values. For example, this e-mail address will receive Blog Updates and Seminar Invitations. However, I might not want to send Jane seminar invites, and Fred wants nothing. Then when I send out my broadcast I can limit the recipients to only those addresses whose e-mail merge code “contains” BLG.


And of course, I always encourage using the “Queue for delivery” selection just in case.

Added Tip from the guys over at  If you are careful with your merge code creations, ensuring there is no overlap, you can use less letters and no spaces and therefore be able to add more merge codes in the available 20 character field.  (ie.  A,B,C,D,E)

GoldMine Menu Security

One of the many things we do to improve the quality of a GoldMine implementation is to setup menu security.  Menu security is simply removing the ability for users to access features you either don’t want them using, or they simply do not need to use.  For example, what if in your company’s use of GoldMine, you want to limit the users to only a few activity types (for reporting purposes and standardization)?


As a user with MASTER rights, go to Tools | User Settings… highlight the user you want to restrict and click the Properties button.  Once in the users Properties screen, click on the Menu tab.


Scroll down to the menu you want to restrict and expand the folder. Click on the push-pins to change the color from green to red and that will restrict that menu item. Once you’ve made all your changes, you can Save all those settings and apply them one by one to all the users you want to restrict the same way.

What to expect in GoldMine PE 9.0.1

The next update to GoldMine Premium Edition 9 is still about a month or so away, but we are already getting some good information as to what to expect. With some of you already looking at Office 2010, I wanted to get out this information ASAP.

It seems to be doing very well in BETA testing so far, so that’s great news! Of course it will be filled with a whole bunch of bug fixes. Actually, some of you may have already started receiving notices from FrontRange confirming one of your issues has been resolved in the 9.0.1.  But what else can we expect?

  • Support for Microsoft Office 2010 (32-bit versions).
  • Access to Windows certificate stores to authenticate digitally signed e-mail messages.
  • Ability to minimize the details pane that shows fields in the Opportunity Manager, Project Manager, and Service Center.

When can we expect it? As of now, it should be completed and ready to go by December, but due to the holidays, we can likely expect it early January 2011. I will post more here as additional information becomes available.