Finally! A Web Client for GoldMine

We’ve been getting these questions at least once or twice a week now:  Does GoldMine have a web client? Can we run it over the Internet via a browser? Up until now, the answer was “not really” or a flat out “NO, sorry”. However, now our answer can be a resounding “YES!”  Or, if you prefer: “We have an app for that”.

Introducing wMobile PC!  wMobile, the best solution for accessing GoldMine on any phone, can now recognize that you are running your browser on a desktop and therefore give you a new, robust, interface for your GoldMine product.

Want to find out more?  Register for one of the live web events listed below. (Note: The times below are EST, so please adjust accordingly.) Already a wMobile customer? You’ll get this enhancement as part of your regular software maintenance at no additional charge!


New web based desktop client for Goldmine Premium
You are invited to attend one of our 30 minute live web events where we will demonstrate our new wMobile capabilities and answer any of your questions.New Web Based Desktop User InterfaceFinally, a web based user interface that mirrors the GoldMine Premium user experience. On a laptop or desktop computer, PC or Mac, your users can connect live to your central GoldMine Premium data, connecting quickly through a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome.

High Performance and Scalable Technology

wMobile Phone and Desktop Edition will scale to support 100’s of users on a single web server. wMobile’s light weight web clients support worldwide access to GoldMine from a single web server location.

No Remote Installations

Your wMobile users are up and running in seconds with no software to install. Just add a new web address to your web browser and you are up and running.

No Monthly User Charges

wMobile is an inexpensive one time purchase giving you a perpetual license to web enable your remote CRM users.

New Email Integration to GoldMine

wMobile can be configured to automatically link email sent to and received from contacts to their GoldMine Premium CRM contact interaction history. Remote users can send and receive email using any smart phone or web based email system without plug-ins or any user action to add the email to the central GoldMine contact history.

New Support for Multiple GoldMine Contact Sets

For GoldMine Premium systems using multiple contact sets – wMobile now supports users switching at will between contact sets.

New Dedicated Google and LinkedIn Tab

Show Google satellite map, directions, blog or web searches for the currently viewed contact. Check to see if the current contact is in your LinkedIn network.

New Automated Process Support

wMobile users can now attach automated process tracks on contacts to automate marketing and administrative tasks using GoldMine’s powerful automated process feature. wMobile also shows the processes tab on contact records to allow users to manage existing tracks.

New Filter Based User Security

wMobile supports a new easier to manage security model of limiting users access to information subject to a common GoldMine filter rule rather than complex ownership and curtaining maintenance.

New Relationship Tree Handling

New Support of GoldMine Premium Relationship Trees in Both Phone and Desktop Editions of wMobile. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Back to top

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