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What Are “Other” Contacts?

So you’re sending e-mail broadcasts using GoldMine and you notice there is a contact selection called “Other”.  And so you wonder, what could “Other” possibly mean?  Well, answering that question is what this post is all about.  What_Are_Other_Contacts_01
You may or may not already know that GoldMine will allow you to store an unlimited number of e-mail addresses per contact record.  Your primary contact can have an e-mail address.  Your additional contacts can have an e-mail address.  But every contact, primary or additional can also have more than 1 e-mail address they may use.  Those extra addresses are called “Other” addresses.  In the example below, John has a 2nd Gmail address.  If I select Primary and Additional, John’s e-mail address would not be included.  Selecting “Other” as well, allows John’s Gmail address to be included in my broadcast.What_Are_Other_Contacts_02
That’s all there is to it!
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P.S. If you aren’t fully up to speed with using GoldMine for e-mail broadcasting but want to, I would encourage you to read some of our previous posts.

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Document Linking from Word & Excel

So you’re looking at a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet and this document is not currently linked to a GoldMine record.  Or you would prefer to link it to another GoldMine record as well.  If you have the GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Office Word & Excel link installed, you can quickly and easily link the open file to the active GoldMine record.

The GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Office add-in will provide you with a GoldMine tab on the navigation ribbon of Word & Excel.  That tab includes, among other tools, a Save As GoldMine Linked Document button. Document_Linking_from_Office_01

When you click on that button, Word/Excel will prompt you with a standard “Save As” window.  This is your opportunity, if you’d like, to give the file a new name and/or location before linking.  Maybe this file is already linked and you want to link a separate version of this file as well.

Once you click the Save button, the document is now automatically linked to the active GoldMine contact record.  If you were sitting on the Links tab when you started the process, you may have to refresh the display by switching away and then back to the Links tab.Document_Linking_from_Office_02

Note that the name in the Document column will be the same as the File name, but of course you can change that if you’d like.
That’s all there is to it!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!