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Introducing GMPE 2014.1

Officially announced just 2 weeks ago, GoldMine has released 2014.1.  Though we are still taking it through our own rigorous testing, so far so good…  That said, this seemed to be a good time to fill everyone in on this new and exciting version.


  • GoldMine Premium Edition now includes an integration with Google Apps. This integration provides bidirectional synchronization between your Google Apps calendar and your GoldMine Calendar. Standalone Gmail accounts are not supported at this time.
  • GoldMine Mobile must be installed to use the Google Apps integration. Once the integration is configured, syncing will occur automatically with no end user action necessary.  See GoldMine 2014.1 Help | GoldMine Administrator Guide | Google Apps Integration Administration for set-up information.
  • Starting with GoldMine Mobile 2014.1, Android devices running version 2.3 and above are now supported. This comprises more than 98% of Android devices in use today.Introducing_GMPE_2014.1_01
  • GoldMine Mobile users can now view and edit basic information for Opportunities that they manage. Also included is the ability to create new Opportunities.  Tab detail for opportunities is not included at this time.Introducing_GMPE_2014.1_02



  • Secondary phone number for additional contact is always moved into Fax field in the primary contact record view when swapping with primary.
  • Clicking OK to a record alert pop-up after moving to a different record causes GoldMine to crash.
  • When sending an email in Outlook, and clicking the “Link to” drop-down, “Not Linked” is missing.
  • A user without master rights does not get results for any email meeting the Universal Search criteria unless the email was sent or received by that particular user.
  • Cannot remove an existing E-mail merge code value in Additional Contact Record window.
  • Sent message will not be auto linked to the contact even if the settings are set to auto linking.
  • Drop down list for Opportunities and Projects in the Outlook Read and New E-mail screen is not alphabetically ordered.
  • When the automated process sends a reply email to the new contact, it does not include the To: field.
  • Email unlinked from Project when moved from inbox to subfolder using GM Plus for MS Outlook.
  • An option to exclude additional contacts using GoldMine Mobile.
  • When filing an email from Outlook, if you change the reference this change is not saved when the email is linked to GoldMine.
  • Ampersand in email subject displayed as underscore when opened.
  • Required fields notification appears in CSC (Contact Search Center) when record was changed and CSC is opened with e.g. criteria Is NOT empty.
  • Selecting a lookup value with comments for a user-defined field will populate the field with the lookup value and the //comment.
  • If there is data in an email before a DOCTYPE declaration, it will be truncated when the email is downloaded.
  • Accepted meeting requests, when received are shown as moved or deleted Calendar items.
  • When GoldMine is opened, it just minimizes in the taskbar and can’t be maximized.
  • New opportunities based on a template do not let you edit the units, price or forecasted amount.
  • Update ReadMe topic 30 with a full list of reserved Words for MS SQL starting with U – actual Readme contains only 3 and reserved word USER causes issue in Outlook integration.
  • Missing Notes when completing a previously edited single occurrence of a multi-user scheduled activity.
  • Reply of GoldMine HTML emails from some email server types is removed or stripped from the email upon retrieval in to GoldMine.
  • Request to have iGoldMine support Office 2013.

GoldMine 2014.1 also includes all of the monthly Hot Fixes released since the GA release of GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1.  If you are currently running anything less than 2013.1.0.298, follow the link below to see what else you will get when upgrading to GMPE 2014.1.

Introducing GMPE –

Want to see the Previous Release Notes:
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Introducing GMPE 2013.1.0.249 – 2013.1.0.298


  • MS Word exe is using a large amount of CPU with the GoldMine word link installed.
  • Double clicking a case in the cases tab will not bring you to the case if not listed in the 500 cases in the Service Center >> The requested case is out of view because of your filter settings, please release the filter or use the search functionality.
  • E-mails with base64 encoding not being displayed correctly in GoldMine (when using Exchange or some other mail servers).
  • 8 bit encoded text/HTML emails are coming in to GoldMine with Asian type characters or ?? in the body and header but show correctly in the online inbox view.



  • Whenever an email is replied to, if any of the recipient’s full name contains an apostrophe, all CC recipients on the reply are stripped.
  • Email received into GoldMine from Call Logix doesn’t have a message in the body of the email but has some info from the body of the email in the email headers in GoldMine.
  • Sporadically: StartIndex cannot be less than zero – when linking specific incoming or outgoing emails via Outlook Integration.



  • “Change” bar still existed after clicked “Send contact data to Outlook” hyperlink.
  • Signed in under  “LinkedIn”, GM+Views do not display login window and will sign-in, using a new Web Browser, outside of GoldMine. For Windows 7, where there is no chance of saving cookies to get into LinkedIn anymore.
  • Configuration of this site contains a serial number from a previous version of Goldmine. Please update it by entering a matching current serial number each day when a user logs onto GoldMine when synchronizing with another E-license.
  • Output to >> Excel does not populate Office 365 Excel 2013 with any information, new workbook is never opened.
  • Clicking on the Alert column to sort the list of cases in the Service Center produces an error and crashes GoldMine.
  • Entering an apostrophe (‘) in the service center search field crashes Goldmine.



  • Constant Contact integration recognizes UK format on “Date Sent” field only correctly, when the campaign was sent on or after 13th of month.
  • When merging a document through an automated process, it loops repeatedly through the fields on the merge form.
  • Contacts with a single quote (apostrophe) in their name, cause subsequent contacts not to show in E-Mail address list.
  • When adding multiple attachments to an email, GoldMine will not add the attachments listed after the one with an apostrophe in the file name.
  • When merging a document using right-click and print for this contact, loops through fields repeatedly.
  • When updating LASTNAME (LAST) field the CONTACT field is updated > for all versions below 2013.1 only the opposite way did work and this is unexpected and not documented.
  • When opening an E-mail after being processed (NOT in EDIT mode) >> opening the “Regarding” list for linking to Opportunity or Project -> The sorting of Opportunities/Projects is not intuitive (by creation date/time) and can be confusing when many records are listed.
  • Failed to execute command:  insert into {{owner}}Environment values( ‘GMFileLocation’, ”,”,”,’O’,0,’GSPDONW&(<S(W<‘ to data type small init when upgrading to GMPE 2013.1.
  • GoldMine takes focus when creating new, replying to, or opening emails in Outlook.
  • Attachments with apostrophe’s are not properly downloaded/displayed in GoldMine.
  • Email address with a single quote (apostrophe) causes subsequent email address to not show or become truncated.
  • Attaching emails from a folder with an apostrophe results in the email history object not showing attachments.
  • When putting an apostrophe in an additional contact’s name, it truncates the rest of the list of emails when adding a CC to an email.



  • Customer tries to see “All Cases” – only a random list of 500 Cases are available in the Service Center.
  • Required case is out of the view because of current filter settings.
  • GoldMine PE 2013.1 installer NOT recognizing Office 2013 32-bit installation from Office365.


Want to see the Previous Release Notes:
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Using Constant Contact with GoldMine – Part 1

Since its introduction in GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1, we have seen a great deal of interest in the new Constant Contact integration with GoldMine.  [Note: Due to regular security changes required to communicate with Constant Contact, we recommend moving to a current version of GoldMine before implementing this solution.]  We’ve leveraged it internally, conducted demos, and helped many customers implement this new enhancement.

With so much to share however, we will have to break this up into several blog posts.  This is the first, so look for more to follow.  If you can’t wait for the whole series to be released, feel free to contact us directly and we will be happy to help.

The first step is to connect to Constant Contact via GoldMine using your credentials.

  1. Log into GoldMine as the user who is doing the logging activities. See our last post called Using Dummy Accounts.
  2. Click on Go To | Constant Contact Campaigns.  The first time you access this screen it will simply be blank.
  3. Click the Configure button.
  4. If you are already a Constant Contact customer, enter in your Constant Contact login credentials and click the Login button.*Using_Constant_Contact_with_GoldMine_01
  5. If you’ve already been using Constant Contact, click Yes to download the Campaign list.  Any campaigns still available on Constant Contact will download and their results will populate throughout your GoldMine database.Using_Constant_Contact_with_GoldMine_02

* If you don’t have an account you can contact us to help set one up for you, or simply click on the Signup button.  If signing up here, be sure to select E-Mail Marketing as the product you want to trial and a valid e-mail address for confirmation.


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Using ‘Dummy’ Accounts in GoldMine

With GoldMine’s concurrent licensing model, the number of names in the user’s table is not limited to the number of licenses a company owns.  As a result, GoldMine gives us the ability to create ‘Dummy’ or ‘Role-Based’ accounts that aren’t used for day-to-day user access.

These user accounts can be used for Vacation Calendars, Trade Show Events, or my favorite, E-Mail Marketing.  For many of our customers, we recommend creating an E-Mail Marketing User for sending out the broadcast blasts.  Something like ZMARKET is a good one to consider.Using_Dummy_Accounts_In_GoldMine_01

Here are a few good reasons to use a role-based account?

  1. History Grouping/Filtering – Now when you are looking at the GoldMine history tab of a contact record, you can easily differentiate transactional e-mails from marketing e-mails.
  2. Reporting – When looking at activity reports, the data isn’t skewed by the occasional high-volume blasts.
  3. SMTP Credentials – You can set up the user to use a service instead of your own standard SMTP server.  Services allow for higher volume and less risk to your reputation.
  4. Multi-tasking – I like launching a separate Remote Desktop session, logging into GoldMine as the dummy user, and starting the merge from there.  While that’s merging and sending, I can get back to work in my own GoldMine.


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