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Moving E-Mail Attachments

Who would have thought that Attachments would be such a popular subject? This will be our 3rd post in an impromptu series on Attachments. Our last 2 posts were about Finding Attachments.

Finding Missing E-Mail Attachments
Finding E-Mail Attachments

Since those posts, some of the questions we have received revolve around the Management of E-Mail attachments, specifically properly moving attachments once they arrive.

Note:  This also applies to users using the Outlook link when you write both the e-mail and the attachment into GoldMine. For Outlook users, you will want to find the e-mail in GoldMine and follow the instructions below. This will have no impact on how Outlook is storing the attachment.

In order to ensure that the link is not broken in the process, you must move the attachment from within GoldMine. If GoldMine moves the attachment for you, then it will automatically update the location so it can be located later. If you move the attachment outside of GoldMine, then you’re back to the “Finding Missing E-Mail Attachments” problem.

Assuming you have read the other posts or you are already up to speed on the background, let’s dive right into the solution.

  1. Right-click on the attachment to bring up the menu and select “Move…”.Moving_Email_Attachments_01
  2. Browse to the appropriate folder you want to store the file. Note that if you want others to be able to access the attachment, they must have access to this network share or drive mapping.Moving_Email_Attachments_02
  3. When you have found the correct folder, click OK.

The attachment will now show (assuming you have the full path option on), in its new location.Moving_Email_Attachments_03
That’s all there is to it!


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Finding E-Mail Attachments

Our last blog post, regarding how to find missing e-mail attachments, received a lot of positive feedback and some additional questions.

Note: Your feedback and questions help drive the topics so please keep them coming.

Apparently missing attachments weren’t the only kind of attachments users needed to find. I know, “How do I find attachments that aren’t missing?” can be an odd-question… but we are talking computers here. 😀  In this situation we can likely reword it to read: “How can I track down where the file is located?”

When e-mails containing attachments arrive in GoldMine, your User Preferences dictate where and how the attachment is automatically stored.

For a refresher on that please check out this previous post: GoldMine E-Mail Attachments

The attachment will then be visible in the header of the e-mail message.Finding_Email_Attachments_01

Right-clicking on the attachment will allow you to turn on an option that will “Show full path name” of the file.Finding_Email_Attachments_02

With that option selected, you can now see exactly where the file is.  Normally I keep this option on all the time.Finding_Email_Attachments_03

Though there is no “Open Folder” option, there is the “Copy name to clipboard” option.Finding_Email_Attachments_04

Now you can use that text, minus the file name, in Windows Explorer or the Windows Run command, to open the folder where that file is located.



Hope you find this of value!
Enjoy and Happy GoldMining!!