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Introducing GoldSMS

Though this product has been on the market for several years now, this is our first of what will likely be several blog posts announcing this product.  Having implemented at several customer sites over the last year and seeing very good results, introducing it here was long overdue.

For 99% of you, scheduling and completing Appointments, Calls, Next Actions, etc., is second nature.  And, for those using the GoldMine e-mail client or the GoldMine Integration with Microsoft Outlook, having all your e-mail correspondence also available, alongside those activities in the History tab, is priceless.  But what about those of you that also engage in texting with your contacts?  That’s where GoldSMS comes in.  GoldSMS is an add-on that facilitates “True SMS texting” directly through GoldMine.  GoldSMS allows for:

1-to-1 Texting
Sending a text to a contact or to one of your staff regarding a contact.

Scheduled Texting
Scheduling a text to go out on a future date/time.

Group Texting
Sending a text to a group/filter of contacts in GoldMine.

Texting via Automated Processes
Automatically send out a text when some database trigger occurs.


As mentioned before, among a long list of benefits related to texting in general, the benefits of texting from GoldMine are that the texting history is automatically linked to the contact record.  Moreover, in-bound text replies from your contacts are linked and logged in GoldMine as well.

This is accomplished by using a private number; think of it as the “corporate text number.” Your contacts will see that messages are coming from this number.  When they respond, their messages are retrieved directly into GoldMine.

Look for more details on GoldSMS in future posts.


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Using the Contact Search Center

Most searches in GoldMine occur using the Contact Search Center.  Most users, especially those who have used GoldMine for years, are familiar with the simple searches.

The most efficient way to bring up the Contact Search Center is to double-click the label of the field you wish to search by.  To Search by Company, double-click on the label Company.   To search by City, double-click on the label City.  Try it with any field.Using_the_Contact_Search_Center_01

Alternatively, you can use the F4 key on your keyboard to open the Contact Search Center)

In the example above, I double-clicked on the label Record Type.  GoldMine defaults its search to the operator: “Begins with”.  Both entries can be modified to change your search criteria as needed to control your search.

Note: GoldMine’s searches are not case-sensitive.

When you have typed enough information to find the contact record you were looking for, you can hit the down arrow on your keyboard until the appropriate record is highlighted and press the Enter key, or double-click on the record using your mouse.

The record you selected is now on the screen for review or action.  The Contact Search Center window is still open but on one of the open Tabs and you can switch back to it at any time to search again, or once again, double-click on a field label.

But wait, there’s more.  You can also create “Filters on the Fly” in the Contact Search Center. That lesson can be found in a previous blog post:
Creating “Filters on the Fly”

Need to reduce the number of fields to choose from the pull-down:
Reducing the Contact Search Center Lookup List


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Introducing GMPE 2013.1

Yes, our testing has gone off without a hitch.  We have been running GoldMine Premium Edition 2013.1 internally for over 30 days and it has been running beautifully!  So without further fanfare, 180 Degree Solutions is now endorsing and installing this new version for its customers.

Let’s begin with what is likely one of the first questions that has come to mind, the version number.  Unofficially, this is GoldMine version 9.3.  Officially however, starting with this build, GoldMine has changed its version numbering to reflect the year of the release.  2013.2 is expected later this year.  We can now expect to see 2 major releases a year (2014.1, 2014.2, etc) and monthly patch releases addressing critical issues that may be uncovered.

With that introduction, let’s get to the main event.


  • GoldMine Premium Edition now supports 32-bit editions of Microsoft Office 2013. This includes support for the Word Link, Excel Link and Outlook Link.
  • GoldMine Premium Edition now includes an integration with the popular Email Marketing service Constant Contact. Please see the Marketing Tools chapter of the Online Help.Introducing_GMPE_2013.1



  • Unable to edit embedded Excel file in Word document template
  • Display of Subject from e-mails is truncated in GoldMine 9.0 to less than 80 characters although subject may have in the database up to 149 characters
  • Error Message: Synchronization with your iPad failed for x items {HOT ISSUE}
  • Mobile operates but cannot bring up Primary Contact Records data – Loading error, An error has occured
  • Transfer set creation fails if there is a missing document
  • When F2 lookup list depends on another field, the “Only valid when [FIELDNAME] contains” box and lookup list is not limited to the length of the field per the database design.
  • iOS6 – If you click “Add History” application appears to freeze, and you can not change screens
  • City and or zip changes to contacts are not creating conttlogs when Zip Validation is turned on and new values is entered, but not in lookup again >> this leads to data is not synced
  • multiple, recurring Activities synced from GM to Outlook no longer are synced to iPhone / HTC via Exchange
  • Switching between reoccurring activities on the Outlook Calendar is slow when Outlook Integration Link is connected {HOT ISSUE}
  • Event viewer errors when viewing Activity List > Open Activities if user has Meeting Request Message
  • Preview of documents in the document management center does not work with .dotx files (Office 2007)
  • [8.5.x] – sender address corrupted with customized return address
  • [GMCE] Calendar view not refreshing correctly when switching window views
  • After upgrading custom fields, new social media fields are missing from the screen
  • A lot of Event viewer entries when looking, receiving or handling a Meeting request – The conversion of a varchar data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range value
  • Cancel button in forced logout settings enables forced log out instead of canceling
  • Changing the Target Close By on an Opportunity will update the forecasted sales total on the Opportunity
  • Unable to export a filter when it’s optimized with a sort order – Invalid Query error in Process monitor
  • Selecting a lookup value with comments for a user-defined field will populate the field with the lookup value and the //comment
  • After upgrading custom fields, new social media fields are missing from the screen

GoldMine 2013.1 also includes all of the monthly Hot Fixes released since the GA release of GoldMine Premium Edition 9.2.92.  If you are currently running anything less than, follow the link below to see what else you will get when upgrading to GMPE 2013.1
Introducing GMPE –

Want to see the Previous Release Notes:
GoldMine Release Notes


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Announcing wMobile 3

Although wMobile 3 has been out for several weeks now, as with most new product releases, we prefer to test them ourselves for a little while before given them our blessing.  We can wholeheartedly say, wMobile 3 is ready for all.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with wMobile, it provides access to GoldMine via your phone, tablet, MAC or PC via your Internet browser… all LIVE!  Imagine simply pulling out your phone to lookup a contact, check history, lookup details, or even open linked documents.  Perform many GoldMine functions, including sending and receiving e-mail just as if you were at your desk with GoldMine open.

The following list includes updates through 3.01.161


  • wMobile 3.0 has been updated to support the latest Microsoft standards and platforms.
  • wMobile now supports the latest .NET 4.0 framework.
  • wMobile installers have been updated to be more intelligent about the web server environment the application is going into.
  • wMobile continues to support all BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm devices.
  • wMobile now supports Conditional Lookups.
  • Support for Unicode Database Languages (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc)  This is especially important for customers processing email in these languages.


  • Support for username/userfullname/date/time in GMViews
  • Support for service cases to mimic GoldMine functionality
  • Field Tabs Security Support
  • Record Type Support
  • Service Center customizations of tab names match customizations made in GoldMine


  • Support for service cases to mimic GoldMine functionality

wMobile Diagnostic Tool

  • Provides auto repair functionality of common installation problems such as services not running, minor database structure problems, ASP.NET registration issues and database compatibility settings in SQL server



wMobile Desktop

  • All screens use new Lookup control with suggestion as you type.
  • Support for Clone Contact.
  • Opportunities improvements: opportunity list filter and record ownership adjustments.
  • Email Improvements: better theme integration with Email Center. Reviewed the email list and adjusted the columns.

wMobile Phone

  • Ability to customize most of the wMobile Phone screens: change labels or show/hide fields
  • Quick Search fields are configurable per user.
  • Opportunity Screens improvements: added real time calculation for amount, added product list in opportunity list etc
  • Email Improvements: changed email account page.

Manager Console

  • Support for settings editing in Manager Console (System and Default User Options, Ability to view, edit and read system settings documentation).
  • Change wMobile/GoldMine database used by wMobile.


  • Signed wMobile Installers


wMobile Desktop
Alarm Screen

  • An invalid time in ‘ONTIME’ column caused a crash in wMobile.
  • Some case fields were not updated properly on edits.
  • Email and website address was not editable in recent dialog box change
  • Drag and Drop email to GoldMine folder fails
  • Add support for view specific field labels when creating filters

wMobile Phone

  • The lookup contact screen buttons and generally any link button were not working on BlackBerry OS 5.
  • Contact List View: Issues with Clicking Email Address. If the ‘Email Client’ setting was set to ‘Device’, then wMobile would have taken you to your device email client – but instead it was redirecting to its internal email client.
  • Warning on mobile contact screen that contact is not geocoded
  • Zoom Level: not working on iPads and iPhones.
  • wMobile was unable to calculate turn by turn directions for addresses in two different countries such as USA and Canada.
  • Map directions from office not working.

Manager Console

  • Email Fetcher Activity screen used to increase CPU and memory usage while running; especially on slower computers.
  • Change Database writes wrong password in the regs.

wMobile Diagnostic

  • Tool did not recognize mail fetcher port settings designated in registry.

Common Fixes

  • There was a problem with the dollar character ($) in Detail Type key.
  • If RFC822 was larger than 8000 characters, there was a problem inserting the data into the MAILBOX table.
  • Support for delayed start of wMobile services to account for slow initialization of Microsoft SQL server in some instances.
  • In some cases, email de-duplication service was not reliable due to GoldMine’s Mailref field.
  • In some cases replied and forward email was not filed to contact history.
  • In some cases CONTSUPP record creation date stored in CONSUPP.CITY was not correctly parsed by wMobile.
  • wMobile did not properly account for field lookup settings such as Allow Blank Input and Force Valid Input
  • wMobile did not properly handle lookup values containing semi colon (multiple lookup) and // lookup descriptors
  • Filters on custom detail tabs did not work
  • Problems with sending emails when escalating or resolving service cases
  • In email centers, selected email folder would not save / stick between user login sessions.
  • Not all Opportunities are being displayed.
  • Support for hh:mmt time format in details.

Crystal Reports

  • Images were not displaying in Crystal Reports run from wMobile due to a mis-mapping of the IIS aspnet_client folder.

Want to see the Previous Release Notes:
wMobile Release Notes


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Come see updated versions of wMobile and GoldBook

Two of Our Favorite GoldMine Add-On Modules

GoldMine is a powerful CRM solution but it does not do everything. We are pleased to present this series of webinars that will show off two of our favorite and most effective GoldMine add on modules.

wMobile 2.1: Mobile and Desktop Web Client for GoldMine

GoldBook 2.0: QuickBooks Integration for GoldMine

Each webinar is only 30 minutes and will deliver live product demonstrations that illustrate why we think these are the best of the best! Sign up for these events – we will make sure it is time well spent.

If you would like your users to access your GoldMine system live from a web browser of any device, we are pleased to present the latest release of wMobile for GoldMine. wMobile delivers a complete GoldMine experience in your favorite web browser for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile or Palm. New in this release, wMobile will also automatically archive all email sent or received from any device into GoldMine.

Watch a 2 Minute Preview Video then register for our live 30 minute webinar demonstration below.

  Thur, Jan 26, 11 AM Eastern
  Thur, Feb 2, 3 PM Eastern

Do you use QuickBooks accounting for GoldMine? Well then you have to attend our webinar for GoldBook – the most complete integration between GoldMine and QuickBooks on the market today. Easily convert GoldMine contacts into QuickBooks customers or vendors, synchronize QuickBooks transactions and summary data back into GoldMine. Imagine being able to filter GoldMine contacts based on QuickBooks revenue data… now you can…
so come and see it.

Watch a 2 Minute Preview Video then register for our live 30 minute webinar demonstration below.

 Thur, Jan 26, 3 PM Eastern
 Thur, Feb 2, 11 AM Eastern
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Access Your GoldMine Information from Anywhere

Whether you have missed our previous information regarding wMobile Phone and wMobile Desktop or whether you’ve just been too busy to look into it, w-Systems has produced a new 2 minute video showcasing many of the advantages of wMobile.  Many of us simply don’t have the time for a 30 minute demo but most of us have 2 minutes to spare. So I invite you all to take a quick breather, and see how wMobile can bring your GoldMine data to your fingertips almost anywhere.

Click on the image to watch the video (a new window will open):


If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy GoldMining!

More on wMobile 2.1

I know we have already announced it and offered a webinar, but for those of you that want to see the detail, here it is.


    • A brand new desktop browser user interface for those of you who want a full web based version of GoldMine for you Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Apple Safari browsers.
    • Note: This user interface is built on GoldMine Premium and requires customers to have GoldMine Premium (any version) as their current GoldMine system.
    • Automated Email Filing to Contacts so you can use any email client to send and receive mail.
    • Enhancements to wMobile interface
    • Support for multiple contact sets
    • Filter based security
    • iPhone and iPad enhancements
    • Improved installer and New Diagnostic Tool


    • Users see the same contact record as they see in the full GoldMine application.
    • All custom fields are automatically displayed in the browser user interface.
    • Contact detail tabs behave as in the full GoldMine application.
    • All field drop-down options are supported.
    • Scheduling and completing activities is done in the same screen layout as the full GoldMine application.
    • Daily, weekly, and Monthly calendars are available.
    • Users can drag and drop to reschedule activities.
    • Users can view others’ calendars and schedule according to security permissions.

New Email Archiving

    • wMobile will optionally cache and automatically file any user’s sent and received email directly to contact History.
    • Supports Microsoft Exchange, Google and any IMAP compliant mail server.
    • Users can use any mail client including native mobile phone email client and web mail such as Outlook web access and Gmail.
    • wMobile matches “sent from” or “sent to” email addresses to GoldMine contact records.


Want to see the Previous Release Notes:
wMobile Release Notes


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Finally! A Web Client for GoldMine

We’ve been getting these questions at least once or twice a week now:  Does GoldMine have a web client? Can we run it over the Internet via a browser? Up until now, the answer was “not really” or a flat out “NO, sorry”. However, now our answer can be a resounding “YES!”  Or, if you prefer: “We have an app for that”.

Introducing wMobile PC!  wMobile, the best solution for accessing GoldMine on any phone, can now recognize that you are running your browser on a desktop and therefore give you a new, robust, interface for your GoldMine product.

Want to find out more?  Register for one of the live web events listed below. (Note: The times below are EST, so please adjust accordingly.) Already a wMobile customer? You’ll get this enhancement as part of your regular software maintenance at no additional charge!


New web based desktop client for Goldmine Premium
You are invited to attend one of our 30 minute live web events where we will demonstrate our new wMobile capabilities and answer any of your questions.New Web Based Desktop User InterfaceFinally, a web based user interface that mirrors the GoldMine Premium user experience. On a laptop or desktop computer, PC or Mac, your users can connect live to your central GoldMine Premium data, connecting quickly through a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome.

High Performance and Scalable Technology

wMobile Phone and Desktop Edition will scale to support 100’s of users on a single web server. wMobile’s light weight web clients support worldwide access to GoldMine from a single web server location.

No Remote Installations

Your wMobile users are up and running in seconds with no software to install. Just add a new web address to your web browser and you are up and running.

No Monthly User Charges

wMobile is an inexpensive one time purchase giving you a perpetual license to web enable your remote CRM users.

New Email Integration to GoldMine

wMobile can be configured to automatically link email sent to and received from contacts to their GoldMine Premium CRM contact interaction history. Remote users can send and receive email using any smart phone or web based email system without plug-ins or any user action to add the email to the central GoldMine contact history.

New Support for Multiple GoldMine Contact Sets

For GoldMine Premium systems using multiple contact sets – wMobile now supports users switching at will between contact sets.

New Dedicated Google and LinkedIn Tab

Show Google satellite map, directions, blog or web searches for the currently viewed contact. Check to see if the current contact is in your LinkedIn network.

New Automated Process Support

wMobile users can now attach automated process tracks on contacts to automate marketing and administrative tasks using GoldMine’s powerful automated process feature. wMobile also shows the processes tab on contact records to allow users to manage existing tracks.

New Filter Based User Security

wMobile supports a new easier to manage security model of limiting users access to information subject to a common GoldMine filter rule rather than complex ownership and curtaining maintenance.

New Relationship Tree Handling

New Support of GoldMine Premium Relationship Trees in Both Phone and Desktop Editions of wMobile. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE Back to top

REGISTER NOW - check the available days and times
MARCH 2011
Eastern USA time
You are receiving this email because you opted-in at our website or you have already purchased our products.




Creating High Impact E-Mail Templates

Are you tired of plain text e-mails?  Don’t know how to jazz-up your templates without having to outsource or hire someone?  Want to do it all in GoldMine?  It’s easier than you think.

Built into all versions of GoldMine 6.x or greater, is the ability to send Rich Text / HTML e-mails.  If you received a blog update notice from us, you likely saw this in action.  HTML e-mails, broadcasted directly out of GoldMine.  No exporting, no 3rd party costs, everything done in GoldMine.

Though the screen capture below comes from a tool called High Impact, the principles apply to most any program out there that provides you with editable templates.   For as low as $99, downloadable from,  High Impact provides you with a large library of templates to start with.  They even have a trial download to play with before you buy.

You can customize the Color Theme, insert your own images, and they even give you a place to upload your files to.  When customizing the templates you can go ahead and type your own GoldMine merge codes into it (ie. <<&firstname>> or <<&company>> ) .  Once you are happy with the template appearance, just copy the HTML code and paste it into a new GoldMine E-Mail template (see previous blog posts on how to create new GoldMine E-Mail templates with HTML logos).

As always, test it on yourself and co-workers before using it in a broadcast, but that’s all there is to it.

One more tip:  Be careful using ones with too many graphics as those may not make it through some spam filters.

What’s New in wMobile 2.0

Yes, they are moving fast.  It’s only been a few months since wMobile 1.9 but you won’t believe all the exciting new updates to our favorite GoldMine mobile interface. 


Infrastructure Changes

  • wMobile 2.0 has been updated to support the latest Microsoft standards and platforms.
  • wMobile is now fully 64 bit compliant and supports the latest .NET 3.5 framework and Windows 2008 64-bit servers.
  • wMobile installers have been updated to be more intelligent about the web server environment the application is going into.
  • wMobile continues to support all BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile and Palm devices.

Customizable Contact Screen
The wMobile system can be further customized to include any user defined or standard CRM field in the main wMobile contact record view and contact related page header. This makes key information visible at a glance.

Customizable Quick Search
Instantly search for any combination GoldMine fields such as Company, contact names, customer numbers and more.

Opportunity Management
wMobile supports full opportunity management with complete view and edit ability of all Opportunity information elements including influencers, linked documents, issues, multiple item forecasts, pending and history activities.

Support for alarmed activities
When a user has alarmed activities an alarm flag is shown within the wMobile user interface directing the user to the alarmed activities.

SSL Mail and Gmail Support
wMobile now supports encrypted email SSL protocols for more secure email management and support for Gmail accounts. Gmail in increasingly popular as a business email host performing email services for GoldMine and Outlook clients. wMobile now fully supports this platform.

Email Attachments
wMobile users can now email any document that has been linked to a CRM contact. If a contact wants an emailed quotation or copy of a contract, this is now possible from your mobile device.

• Review Activities
• Review Sales
• Review New Contacts Created
• Drill down to view details

Clone current contact to new record
When entering a new contact record a previously viewed contact record can be cloned to save time and keystrokes.

Duplicate check on new contact entry
wMobile performs a duplicate contact check on new contact entry. Duplicates are shown and users can chose to proceed with entry or to start using the pre-existing contact record.

File email to other contact without re-linking email address
wMobile users can now file an email to a related contact without re linking the email address to the new contact.

Improved One-Click login setup
It is now simpler to create one click login URL’s for new users.

HTML Email Support
For devices that can display rich HTML, wMobile emails can optionally be shown as HTML instead of the standard text based messages.

Email templates and email merge
wMobile email client supports email templates and email merge to groups and filters.

Ability to Add Contacts to local device
Contact is copied locally with one click
Function can be disabled to prevent local data.

Integration to Yahoo Maps for Pocket Devices
Use the Local Are Map function to display the contact location.

Contact Routing
Turn by turn directions to contact from and back to the office or from any of last viewed contacts

Review of GoldMine Groups
Maintain Key Account groups, New Lead Groups for fast account management

Manage forecast sales right from the main menu
• Review and edit existing forecasts
• Add new forecasts
• Review forecasts for other team members (as defined by security settings)

Want to see the Previous Release Notes:
wMobile Release Notes

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